Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you running?
My grandma had a saying, “do something or stay quiet.” It is time to do something. Our Constitution is under attack from both major parties. Infringements and violations of the Bill of Rights are especially concerning. I’m not a career politician. I’m a citizen who cares about the direction this country is headed.
Who is the incumbent?
John Cornyn (R)
Why Libertarian?
  • Constitutionally compliant
  • Respect for the inherent intelligence and good will of people (no banning!)
Why so focused on protecting the Constitution?
I believe that the rights we hold, and the Constitution itself, are not ours to give away or to do with as we choose. They are to be protected. We hold them in trust for the generations to follow. Just as those who came before us guarded and protected our fundamental rights, so we must do the same.
Will focusing on the Constitution solve any of the issues facing this nation?
Staying within the boundaries provided in the Constitution is the key to:
  • reducing government spending, debt, and taxes
  • shrinking the government, and
  • restoring liberty/promoting the freedom and independence of citizens.
The federal government needs to meet its responsibilities as outlined in the Constitution, and not one thing more. Anything outside of those specific responsibilities is either personal choice or left to the states.
The economy is a huge problem! Why isn’t that mentioned in your platform?
The economy is a symptom. The root cause is the very government sworn to protect the rights of citizens. The government is overstepping its bounds, as provided in the Constitution. This overstepping not only has a detrimental effect on individual liberty, it also means increased spending and increased taxes. It is the individual who keeps the economy going and growing though activity in the free market. Consequently, the key to a thriving economy and liberty is the federal government doing its job – and only its job – as outlined in the Constitution.